5 Stages of H.O.R.S.E. 🏀.

04 Th09, 2020
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Video collab with @Charlie Berens
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  • Berens seems very ambidextrous....lefty nap shot.

    Reid KellyReid Kelly6 ngày trước
  • Camera guy is a frickin brick wall lol

    Rob RoundhouseRob Roundhouse8 ngày trước
  • Umm nobody is gonna PROVE the last letter? The potential loser gets to choose who proves it(makes the shot again). Its only fair.

    Janoy CresvaJanoy CresvaTháng trước
  • Sugar ray joke haha

    Beards And Bows OutdoorsBeards And Bows OutdoorsTháng trước
  • Southpaw..likewise..respect 👍

    Korey LaneKorey LaneTháng trước
  • Do a series like target dads again. PLEASE. Like maybe Menards, Lowes, the mall

    Augustus CzarAugustus CzarTháng trước
  • The slip ons and bare feet brings me back with my cousins, killing our feet

    Tiger GamingTiger GamingTháng trước
  • “Pele! Oh fu*@k” 😂😂

    Ron BurgandyRon BurgandyTháng trước
  • Can we talk about Myles' buttery smooth stroke?

    KodaKodaTháng trước
  • I love your channel and also Charlie's. It's funny how similar the culture is here in Atlantic Canada to the Midwest. Keep doing you and putting smiles on faces!

    policyisqualitypolicyisqualityTháng trước
  • Anyone told you that you look like baker mayfield

    Jesse CardinaelsJesse CardinaelsTháng trước
  • My brother and I always had to “prove it” for the game to end.

    TheDoorToLightTheDoorToLightTháng trước
  • 🌸

    dvorahisdancing Dvorah Hooperdvorahisdancing Dvorah HooperTháng trước
  • Please do a video on baseball caps 🧢!

    Micah HubbardMicah HubbardTháng trước
  • Did no one else play Red Ass?

    Diana WoodsDiana WoodsTháng trước
  • I've never heard of "HORSES" before. Usually the winner has to make his last shot again.

    Bruce BaseballBruce BaseballTháng trước
  • This is at least as good as most pie-crust-crimping videos.

    guyontheblackchairguyontheblackchairTháng trước
  • You forgot throw it under your leg, bounce off the ground once from behind the hoop. Yes, we did that. No, I never made it work.

    akimi2003akimi2003Tháng trước
  • My 2 favorite people.

    dusty2206dusty2206Tháng trước
  • I'm stealing the Babe Ruth shot.

    JBradley500JBradley500Tháng trước
  • I wonder... do you guys think they like the Green Bay Packers? I’m a huge fan of the GBP

    Labyrinth DwellerLabyrinth DwellerTháng trước
  • Your forgot the one when some makes a ridiculous shot to end it but the other person somehow makes it 😂

    IdroppedmypineappleIdroppedmypineappleTháng trước
  • Bank shots should be substituted for brick shots 💀. We're playing horseS 😂

    Alex FAlex FTháng trước
  • You forgot best 2 out of 3 and when the ball gets stuck and everyone chucks their shoes to get it down

    GFEASTGFEASTTháng trước
  • I coulda played college if i didn’t get hurt that one time and had another 6 inches to my height along with way bigger hands and better vision.

    Steve OrinoSteve OrinoTháng trước
  • Your guys’ videos are the highlight of my day. Keep up the good work.

    joel burlingamejoel burlingameTháng trước
  • How did you perfect the Raptors training drills?

    Don't Rush RecordsDon't Rush RecordsTháng trước
  • What happens to the trick shot stage

    Jackson ShellyJackson ShellyTháng trước
  • Cheers! from above the border where it was created.

    Geoff McgowanGeoff McgowanTháng trước
  • How do I get an OPE shirt?

    SkyeKorpSkyeKorpTháng trước
  • Stage 5 should be cheesing a shot you know the other person can’t make.

    CdwoodsCdwoodsTháng trước
  • You get a mercy shot wen you get E lol

    Political correctness is gayPolitical correctness is gayTháng trước
  • Kareem Abdul-jabbar skyhook BUT when he was on the bucks

    Jackson EngelJackson EngelTháng trước
  • Missed the opportunity to have the insane redemption shot

    OtayOtay2018OtayOtay2018Tháng trước
  • Only thing missing was the prove it last shot to win the game

    Benjamin StopperBenjamin StopperTháng trước
  • this is EXACTLY how H.O.R.S.E was played with my brother!! I wish there was more "like" buttons hahaha

    JoshuaJoshuaTháng trước
  • The important question is who on earth is using an ELECTRIC leaf blower in the background??

    Zarski843Zarski843Tháng trước
  • One steed. One stallion.

    PiecePieceTháng trước
  • I always through it was called a “back board” 🤔😂

    Ryan MuthRyan MuthTháng trước
  • Holy shit! Brings me back! 😂

    ZachZachTháng trước
  • Got HOR lol 😂

    Forrest WilmsForrest WilmsTháng trước
  • Hey! Just start a “go fund me page” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Chris CorbinChris CorbinTháng trước
  • Get a real job! Ohhh yea, you betcha!! Sounds like an arcade game i played for tickets🤣🤣🤣🤣BANK!!!

    Chris CorbinChris CorbinTháng trước
  • 02:45 Odalisque Myles

    whimbirdwhimbirdTháng trước
  • Can these guys really not make a 15 footer? They never show one shot uncut.

    Mike !Mike !Tháng trước
  • Apparently VIworld wants me to watch this 3 times.

    Owdeez StrauzOwdeez StrauzTháng trước
  • One stead. Lmao. I’m dying

    Klay WallaceKlay WallaceTháng trước
  • I remember horse. Its been about ten years now since I played.

    TJ BuckSnortTJ BuckSnortTháng trước
  • You’re actually my favorite VIworld Chanel

    Sharper MarlinSharper MarlinTháng trước
  • Spot on brings me back to 2005

    Ryan CarricoRyan CarricoTháng trước
  • "Pigs, horses, ill win either way. Even tho you do have the advantage going first"

    Mason VeselikMason VeselikTháng trước
  • I've got a funny story you guys might do something with. Our daughter's boyfriend brought over a knife his Grandpa had given him & my husband showed him how to sharpen it. Her boyfriend sharpened it & was amazed at how sharp it got & he put it back in the leather sheathe and it went right through the sheathe, cut every stitch. (Well shit!!) Then my husband showed him how to fix a sheathe, "You're gonna need some superglue and some clothes pins." (Amy, show Austin where the clothes pins are!) When they left, my daughter said her BF said, "Man! Your Dad can fix ANYTHING!" LOL!! He's also showed him how to tie fishing knots and how to change brake pads on his car, among other things. PS. My husband only wears New Balance shoes too!

    Peggy GibbonsPeggy GibbonsTháng trước
  • Decent form man.

    berobinson82berobinson82Tháng trước
  • This is funny because I played HORSE yesterday 🤣👍🏻 forgot to say "Swish" & "Nothin but Net" 😂🤙

    Jonny DIYJonny DIYTháng trước
  • What, no beer tricks? Sheesh!

    Zack DeMundoZack DeMundoTháng trước
  • Loving the Manitowoc Minute shirt

    InspirationalPandaInspirationalPandaTháng trước
  • What I learned from this is You Betcha played ball in high school and Charlie did not...

    Tanner HenninTanner HenninTháng trước
  • 3:25 "you don't need to have an extra letter, you've had five already" Channeling some real Dad energy there

    Mighty TangeloMighty TangeloTháng trước
  • What, no Crocks or NB in these vids, dads everywhere are disappointed!

    John DominguezJohn DominguezTháng trước
  • 3 days ago VIworld dropped this gemstone of a channel into my recommended, and I've never been happier.

    MR. GafolopolosMR. GafolopolosTháng trước
  • Ball don't lie!

    Nunya BusinessNunya BusinessTháng trước
  • This brings back memories of 1997

    Chris HewittChris HewittTháng trước
  • You've gotta climb a tree or something bro

    j cj cTháng trước
  • Laughing So hard 🤣 LOVE you guy's

    Christine TomasinskiChristine TomasinskiTháng trước
  • You two need a show together. Keep it up.

    GregGregTháng trước
  • But wait... doesn’t he have to prove it with the same shot?!

    Ryan MautzRyan MautzTháng trước
  • The “pay-lay shot” hurts to hear

    Adam HealyAdam HealyTháng trước
  • We play P.I.G in ohio

    King of BearsKing of BearsTháng trước
  • Everybody knows you play to piggies

    Ya Boi HenryYa Boi HenryTháng trước
  • I never noticed that you were wrong handed before...

    Kevin BKevin BTháng trước
  • It’s funny because it’s true

    Kristoffer KvienKristoffer KvienTháng trước
  • The escalation is sooo true! Lmao glad VIworld finally recommended something good!

    altercell _altercell _Tháng trước
  • I made A.A.U....(no you didn’t) LMAO 🤣

    altercell _altercell _Tháng trước
  • What kind of animal doesn't prove the last shot?!?

    Ty CowanTy CowanTháng trước
  • I was really hoping the five stages would just be H.O.R.S.E...

    WolfWolfTháng trước
  • even took the flip flops off for better traction. Than buddy makes the dad noises when shooting

    Dave MDave MTháng trước
  • I haven’t played horse in probably 8 years. And from what I remember this is 110% accurate.

    John OehmlerJohn OehmlerTháng trước
    • Haha at least 10 years here and I totally agree, the H.O. jokes were always always always a must

      jDeweyjDeweyTháng trước
  • You guys should think about a collab channel of sorts for these videos. I've already watched this on Charlie's channel so it's unlikely I'm gonna watch this again on this channel. But I do it anyway so that you don't lose views.

    Michal PikusaMichal PikusaTháng trước
    • You’re a saint. Get out of here dude

      DukeOfTennessee117DukeOfTennessee117Tháng trước
  • And thats where this video en....

    blaahsterblaahsterTháng trước
  • "nah nope you didn't win yet you gotta prove it!"

    Taylor STaylor STháng trước
  • I once made it to horsesting

    William HollisterWilliam HollisterTháng trước
  • Instead of tge sending being horses it should be prove it😂😂

    Dusty Gamer16Dusty Gamer16Tháng trước
  • Being barefoot outside playing some games is some serious Midwest Ish.

    Woolvy 5005Woolvy 5005Tháng trước
    • Seeing that as a Texan my first thought was, isn't your foot burning?!! Haha

      Juan CardenasJuan CardenasTháng trước
  • It's always funny till someone gets hurt...

    Red OctoberRed OctoberTháng trước
  • Hey man question? Are those sandals you are wearing are those Chacos chillos slide.

    Mack JenkinsMack JenkinsTháng trước
  • You can tell myles is an athlete pretty decent lookin shot!

    Atrain 123Atrain 123Tháng trước
  • 5 stages of H.O.R.S.E Stage 1: H Stage 2: O Stage 3: R Stage 4: S Stage 5: E H.O.R.S.E is now complete

    Josh PhamJosh PhamTháng trước
  • This videos are too accurate

    KRAZe4KiCKSKRAZe4KiCKSTháng trước
  • Is "pigs" a real game? I've never heard of it

    Eric LEric LTháng trước
    • @Jim F I tried to Google the game "pig" and couldn't find any results. I'll look again. Thank you!

      Eric LEric LTháng trước
    • Pig is. Pigs, like Horses, is not.

      Jim FJim FTháng trước
  • “Yo is the camera okay?” Lol what about the camera guy??

    jakeyandhisbassjakeyandhisbassTháng trước
  • Wonder what the guy in the corner at 2:44 is thinking haha. Normal day in the neighborhood there.

    Kyle BecksteadKyle BecksteadTháng trước
  • Charlie shirt 🔥🔥🔥

    WestsideDreWestsideDreTháng trước
  • Acting like you can't say hoe and whore is so 2020.

    Live Action SonicLive Action SonicTháng trước
  • His videos are the best

    HockeyGolf2326 8HockeyGolf2326 8Tháng trước
  • Damn it Tyler

    Tym O'LaughlinTym O'LaughlinTháng trước
  • This is so me and my brothers.

    LSU fan 413LSU fan 413Tháng trước
  • So awesome!! As always

    TTTrippTTTrippTháng trước
  • You guys really had to cut and clips those shots in the first half of the vid? haha

    VanbrusaVanbrusaTháng trước
  • I like both of your channels, the collabs are great but why do they get uploaded to both channels? I'm not gonna watch it twice, leaving VIworld to constantly reccomend something I've watched already. Can y'all just film 2 collabs at a time and upload them on separate channels, much like how Cherdleys and Eyan the Leader do?

    Ryan BrandRyan BrandTháng trước
    • Because I'm a fan of both Channels and they both put out good content. I want to support them both.

      Ryan BrandRyan BrandTháng trước
    • What if people only follow one of the channels? seems like a silly comment.

      Jesse FunkJesse FunkTháng trước
  • What about the camera man’s camera man

    Zach KZach KTháng trước
    • I thought that too

      Coach ShaneCoach ShaneTháng trước