5 Stages of Pumping Gas

03 Th03, 2021
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  • Forgot the ol shake the handle after you pump

    Andrew FlemingAndrew Fleming6 giờ trước
  • 40 on tha dot hit personal

    Derrick TaylorDerrick Taylor2 ngày trước
  • people from new jersey: 👀

    Jonah CorveleynJonah Corveleyn2 ngày trước
  • Are u sure u didn't need to go to the hyvee then after that, stop at bomgaars on the way home?

    boofus goofusboofus goofus2 ngày trước
  • Step 1 know what side the gas doors on. Step 2 pull up until the gas doors the closets to the pump. Step 3 remove gas cap first. Step 4 decide if you wanna pay with cash debit or gift card. Step 5 if cash and gift card go see store clerk and tell them how much you wanna pay and what pump number your at. Step 6 if you wanna pay at pump insert card follow instruction. Step 7 start pumping inset into vehicle and push handle. If you like there’s a little flap you can push down to hold the handle. Step 8 once the pump clicks off stop pumping your tanks full do not overfill. Step 9 put gas pump back in place tighten gas cap close filler door and don’t forget anything like your wallet.

    Ryan SRyan S4 ngày trước
  • The funniest part about this is it was real lol

    Ghost_userGhost_user4 ngày trước
  • Wash your car,,.We need the rain..

    Gary BrinkerGary Brinker6 ngày trước
  • You forgot the part where conservatives bitch about Joe Biden saying he raised the gas prices

    G GG G7 ngày trước
  • I’m 40 and didn’t know there was an arrow by the gas pump symbol on cars!!!!!! Your videos are life changing 😂👏

    Design. Build. Sell.Design. Build. Sell.15 ngày trước
  • The uninterested note multivariably shave because brass aesthetically steer over a evasive pentagon. rare, dear body

    Jennifer RoehslerJennifer Roehsler16 ngày trước
  • I live in ND to

    jplxjplx17 ngày trước
  • Whenever I go to pumps like that I always get a few miles down the road and realize I never got my car wash lol

    Kyle BlessingKyle Blessing19 ngày trước
  • Good ol' fuel island.

    Nothing for GrantedNothing for Granted20 ngày trước
  • Does anyone else feel a little shameful leaving the gas station with a grocery bag FULL of junk food?

    Sprowle 11M1104Sprowle 11M110421 ngày trước
  • “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Baker Mayfield ate Zach Galifianakis” 😂😂 Killed me bro

    J CJ C24 ngày trước
    • It's spot on!

      Hewson KnightHewson Knight5 ngày trước
  • What happened to Ryan? Did he have to move on? Did the YouBetcha Office series have to come to a premature demise? Oh well. Miss you, Ryan! 😁

    The Albanian LorgThe Albanian Lorg26 ngày trước
  • Best part about living in Jersey: Do not have to pump your gas LOL

    Jason AmaradioJason Amaradio26 ngày trước
  • Well your main problem is that you weren't at a kwik trip.

    Colin KlangColin Klang27 ngày trước
  • As an ex-dakotan myself, the rest of the world is saying "you get to pump b4 paying?!?"

    Mitchell MyhrMitchell Myhr28 ngày trước
  • wallet wedge the gas pump bro

    TJ EllisTJ Ellis28 ngày trước
  • 1:58 everytime i used to visit the U.S ( before the pandemic, i'm from mexico 🇲🇽).

    EMISALMONT salinasEMISALMONT salinas29 ngày trước
  • Trying to get the latch on the gas pump is one of the hardest things on the planet

    Brian ViPondBrian ViPond29 ngày trước
  • In Canada we got rid of the pennies so we go to 40.02 . Every penny saved is a penny earned....right

    Zach CarterZach CarterTháng trước
  • Wait there's a little arrow on the dash that shows which side the gas cap is on??

    some guysome guyTháng trước
  • LMAO never did those stages

    Living in AmericaLiving in AmericaTháng trước
  • Forgot the “enter your zip code” then having to go see the cashier anyways

    DilltheLegendDilltheLegendTháng trước
  • why are you washing window when you are getting a car wash? continuity of this does not make sense. 10/10

    Gabriel GilloglyGabriel GilloglyTháng trước
  • This was so fucking realistic i cried

    Ea EaEa EaTháng trước
  • ahh i guess thats the drill for a ford owner

    Wyatt ZeabinWyatt ZeabinTháng trước
  • Nope. Don’t like it. Where is the Kwik Trip?

    Wade HalversonWade HalversonTháng trước
  • I miss driving. Going to the gas station was my favorite part of owning a car. I would always gets rockstars and flirt with the gas station lady. Now I just ride my bike and the talk to myself.

    lakaumbuchalakaumbuchaTháng trước
  • Then you can do 5 stages of striking!

    Clinton CollinsClinton CollinsTháng trước
  • Al Borland from Home Improvement

    brandon huttonbrandon huttonTháng trước
  • I never do any "chores" while I pump my gas, and I almost never go inside for a snack. I must be weird.

    AdrianIsaacsAdrianIsaacsTháng trước
    • Me too But i do go in to pay with cash first al the while hogging that pump, But that’s how they have you do it nowadays.

      Motorcycle MichaelMotorcycle Michael22 ngày trước
  • He does look like baker with a bit more girth

    bfett survival and outdoorsbfett survival and outdoorsTháng trước
  • 9k like on the dot

    AshVFXAshVFXTháng trước
  • Any of y’all ever have to do the pickup truck ‘mirror tuck’ while using the drive up ATM??? 👍🏻🤑

    Kevin HoltzKevin HoltzTháng trước
  • I’ve done all of these things while @ the pump EXCEPT the ‘Grab 1 Snack’ thing...I’m more of a gas station coffee then snacks guy!

    Kevin HoltzKevin HoltzTháng trước
  • Hahahaha

    mikewabrownmikewabrownTháng trước
  • I'm so fucking glad I found this channel lmao

    Brandon LBrandon LTháng trước
  • Implying I would have money to blow on snacks in gas station Some weeks I can barely afford food :D

    HackersSunHackersSunTháng trước
  • Yeah gas stations have not done well for my gut. The fried jalapeno poppers get me everytime.

    Jesse KnoxJesse KnoxTháng trước
  • Masks = Stop video.

    DaisyDaisyTháng trước
  • It's similar in Oregon except the first step is to wait 5 minutes for someone to notice you because you can't pump your own gas and then when give up waiting and you get out to wash your windshield the pump jockey is obligated to freak out and tell you you can't pump your own gas.

    Stan CatesStan CatesTháng trước
  • Do you live in Stanley ?

    Ryan PattersonRyan PattersonTháng trước
  • The part 1 made me feel so much better bro lmao. I thought I was the only one

    Jon MannJon MannTháng trước
  • what happened to the car wash

    Roy DemeoRoy DemeoTháng trước
  • Stage 6 the diesel guy sitting behind you waiting cause all the diesel pumps are in uses and you took up one when you could have gone to a only gas pump

    Edward CarletonEdward CarletonTháng trước
  • This is great but wth is holiday

    Robert GreshamRobert GreshamTháng trước
  • The $40.01 bit is too accurate.

    DanielDanielTháng trước
  • Ur gay

    Anthon LeAnthon LeTháng trước
  • Wait you can pay inside after you pump? WHere!??!

    Connery MartinConnery MartinTháng trước
  • Put out any lit cigarettes cigar flam of any kind and don't be playing with any hellium balloons you might have picked up and one of my spots Chucky cheese are from anywhere 2 look around for anyone suspicious that might want to car Jack you are snatch and run look at the number pump your on and go politely and pay the cashier for your Petro remember to scan over the wide variety of summer time beverages for good sales then go remove gas nosel on your G ride if you see vapor coming up go ahead wait few minutes to let stem out reason doing this it to keep your freeze plugs well maintained and lasting longer pump your gas on you perferd Grade of Black trash pick return cap and Hall Balls!

    Christopher HarrisonChristopher HarrisonTháng trước
  • Putting another vcamp huh

    Christopher HarrisonChristopher HarrisonTháng trước
  • You are chubby baker mayfield. Mean this in the nicest way possible

    Pete DittoePete DittoeTháng trước
    • Ok didn’t get to that part of the video yet

      Pete DittoePete DittoeTháng trước
  • When are you going to review the $300 YETI dog bed?

    Andrew GAndrew GTháng trước
  • lol I never pay inside

    Mason ArmanoMason ArmanoTháng trước
  • On the other hand, there's only three stages to buying diesel. 1) Alright, time to fill her up for the month! 2) I wonder if their air pump is free to use... 3) ... That's ah... bit pricier than last time...

    George SGeorge STháng trước
  • I don’t get this. I live in Oregon where you can have hardcore drugs legally but can’t pump your own gas 🤡

    mr supmr supTháng trước
  • Weird guys flirting with me 😂😂😂😂😂

    Ashley KinneyAshley KinneyTháng trước
  • **Watches in New Jersey**

    Ish TamasIsh TamasTháng trước
  • I see “block diesel pump” was one of the stages

    Jeremiah WorleyJeremiah WorleyTháng trước
  • Thankfully I live in New Jersey so I don’t have to deal with this lmao

    Manny GandullaManny GandullaTháng trước
  • In my country, we don't pump gas or petrol as we call it here because gas is, well, gas. Funny video though.

    Grace MusyokaGrace MusyokaTháng trước
  • i just found your channel during a very difficult time in my life. You automatically provided more laughs than any other channel ive ever found.... i share all of your videos with friends and families in hopes they will as well be granted such cheer and peace... the only complain i have is that you dont make more videos because ive run out and im on to re runs.... and three runs... and i love you so much i just wish youd do hyper drive or clone yourself or somthing LOL... nah for real i know your busy but i love your content dude. stay blessed.. and thank you so much for giving more joy and in turn granting more strength in times of struggle..

    AndrewAndrewTháng trước
  • The guy waiting for you gave up after finding out you were a "windshield cleaner" at the pump.

    Josh JohnsonJosh JohnsonTháng trước
  • What is it with dads always trying to click extra gas into the tank 😂

    God's Abounding GraceGod's Abounding GraceTháng trước
  • A holiday definitely a Midwest thing

    Jsten 07Jsten 07Tháng trước
  • It’s amusing and weird to see so many people not understanding why or how we can pump first and pay inside in the Midwest. we have so many Kwik Trips and they follow through with collecting drive offs, it’s really not that bad. Although I’m confused on why he isn’t at a Kwik Trip!

    Rose GroshekRose GroshekTháng trước
  • People from Oregon and New Jersey watching this 👁👄👁

    candyapu3candyapu3Tháng trước
  • U forgot when ur kids r old enough to do it, so u just get them to do it😂

    cam fehrcam fehrTháng trước
  • 6 : looking at the price and try not to cry

    sandalmansandalmanTháng trước
  • Son of a buck

    Clinton FlettClinton FlettTháng trước
  • Funny and cute 🍺🍺🙏😷✌❤

    andrea Lastraandrea LastraTháng trước
  • Should've been at the kwik trip, not holiday!

    Tyler KirschTyler KirschTháng trước
  • Nothing like putting $40.01 in your tank only to go inside and forget which pump you were at all to buy in more gas

    Brice PhillipsBrice PhillipsTháng trước
  • Who pays inside anymore there guy?

    importracr317importracr317Tháng trước
  • Is this why they call it going out on a holiday

    Cassius KingCassius KingTháng trước
  • guys a legend

  • Literally me

    Eddie DuncanEddie DuncanTháng trước
  • Dude forgot his snacks...

    Cal The EmperorCal The EmperorTháng trước
  • Where do u get to pump before u pay in America? New England doesn’t allow it

    Kyle SimonsKyle SimonsTháng trước
    • @Rose Groshek that’s interesting. Everywhere in New England (mass, Rhode Island, Vermont , New Hampshire , Maine) all pay before you pump

      Kyle SimonsKyle SimonsTháng trước
    • The Midwest. I live in Wisconsin and it’s basically every gas station except maybe in ghetto areas like Milwaukee

      Rose GroshekRose GroshekTháng trước
  • I cant do chores while I pump cuz I'm usually only putting 7 dollars in gas lol

    Matt BauderMatt BauderTháng trước
  • Thanks so much for all your videos...they all ring true - and bring up so many memories of my Grandfather and Father....and things I still do today! No doubt all us subs & viewers have given you thousands of "5 stages" ideas...so just keep'er going bud! Buuuuusssccchhh!

    James LambJames LambTháng trước
  • I’ve literally left the gas cap at the gas station.

    Pepperoni StromboliPepperoni StromboliTháng trước
  • Should've done the "Walked halfway to the store, before turning around because u forgot your mask". I see people do that all the time. Lol

    Orlando RochaOrlando RochaTháng trước
  • I have the 16 f150 XLT 36 gallon tank, don't let it get to empty unless you want to drop about 100 bucks

    Steve FlaggSteve FlaggTháng trước
  • Gas before paying???? 🤪

    Christy CrawfordChristy CrawfordTháng trước
  • I went to Guatemala and they do everything for you. You don’t have to get out of the car. Like it used to be here back in the day. Guate has it right.

    Stephanie BogartStephanie BogartTháng trước
  • Excellent recap 😂

    Alex FAlex FTháng trước
  • I recently found out that many of the new pumps have hoses that will reach all the way to the other side. Totally opened up my options at the pump.

    SypherSypherTháng trước
  • Being from NJ and never pumping my gas I feel bad for u guys

    David MinnichDavid MinnichTháng trước
  • As an Oregonian, where they have gas station employees pump people gas, you look like an Oregonian leaving the state and not having a clue how to pump gas

    Michael KorkMichael KorkTháng trước
  • I have that same truck but grey LOL

    Andrew PraterAndrew PraterTháng trước
  • The holiday? You mean the kwik trip right? RIGHT?!?! Lol

    Steve KSteve KTháng trước
  • Buys gas and snacks and gets to write it off as a business expense.

    imspacedoutimspacedoutTháng trước
  • See NJ pumps gas for you

    mx_stevegrimeszzmx_stevegrimeszzTháng trước
  • NoDak plates?!?! Awesome! Bismarck native here, ya betcha!😉

    WhiteRussianMusic1WhiteRussianMusic1Tháng trước
  • *ford owners*

    thejoggingtreethejoggingtreeTháng trước
  • Can you come by our strike line for marathon/speedway in Newport ? Thank you for filling up at holiday vs speedway

    Clinton CollinsClinton CollinsTháng trước