Worst Fishing Show Ever 🎣

22 Th09, 2020
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Video Collab with @Charlie Berens
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  • Yeah, pretty bad alright. ;)

    Jeffrey CottonJeffrey Cotton2 ngày trước
  • I learned so much from this thank you

    Trey SavageTrey Savage2 ngày trước
  • ALL....trump voters are crooks. Infected, diseased, crooks.

    Polite TeardropPolite Teardrop11 ngày trước
  • The world needs more of this!

    Mike JusticeMike Justice13 ngày trước
  • minnesota is truly the best state.

    Teddy CarlsonTeddy Carlson16 ngày trước
  • wtf was this? i love the material but for real? this was nothing you're trying to hard...make it simple...when its simple it's gold...this felt staged...i love both of you guys but this was weak

    ORF F.ORF F.16 ngày trước
  • Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he'll sit in the boat and drink beer all day.

    Jay GrawnJay Grawn20 ngày trước
  • When the camera shows buck sitting, i die every time and "thats seaweed dumbass". Love it.

    PorterPorter21 ngày trước
  • “Not gonna turn this show into blue’s clues” 😂

    Matt ShirleyMatt Shirley23 ngày trước
  • I'd love to see this as a real show 😊

    Youssef AlaouiYoussef Alaoui24 ngày trước
  • I live right next to Rochester

    Devin ReinhardtDevin Reinhardt25 ngày trước
  • Very accurate being a youtuber myself haha good one guys!!

    Beards And Bows OutdoorsBeards And Bows Outdoors26 ngày trước
  • That’s seaweed dumbass 😂😂😂

    Cody BurachenskiCody Burachenski26 ngày trước
  • “That is a lettuce fish”, “that’s seaweed you *******!”

    Bayou Banjo manBayou Banjo man27 ngày trước
  • You guys are thef ishiest Love you and KEEP 'er movin

    mazedmarkymazedmarky27 ngày trước
  • If no fish, they'll still eat - near the lake is at least one small-town bar that has 2 dollar frozen pizzas. And popcorn. And peanuts. And ranch. 😁

    Andrea MendezAndrea Mendez28 ngày trước
  • Omg. Buck's "hello" at the very beginning: the slowest most gradual, unenthusiastic - not even a nod - dip of the head ever made much less recorded.

    Andrea MendezAndrea Mendez28 ngày trước
  • Bucks a fuck

    Joe DJoe D29 ngày trước
  • Can we please have more of these?

    Taylor SpeerTaylor Speer29 ngày trước
  • Antigo? You guys are from Northern Wisconsin? Where?

    Riley ZarmRiley ZarmTháng trước
  • More please!! This was so great!! Y'all make the funniest team 🤣🤣

    Miriam RobertsMiriam RobertsTháng trước
  • This should be a weekly show

    Jon PuhalskiJon PuhalskiTháng trước
  • Very educational

    Chris BoatsChris BoatsTháng trước
  • I'd pay to watch this series

    imsandi321imsandi321Tháng trước
  • Nice hat. Is it from 4 Cariños?

    HalfMoonHalfMoonTháng trước
  • Make more of these fishing shows! This was the best!

    HalfMoonHalfMoonTháng trước
  • Pretty much a southern show too lol. Except passing out drunk in recliners you found on the side of the road and waking up with a snapper under the leg rest

    Clayton KennedyClayton KennedyTháng trước
  • LMAO the Zebco for Buck

    Mike GrayMike GrayTháng trước
  • I need two fishing shirts. They went sold out as soon as they went on sale. 1 XL 1 M.!

    Live2Fish 89Live2Fish 89Tháng trước
  • Love the fishing and hunting content. So many funny paths you could go down.

    skypieperskypieperTháng trước
  • More... PLEASE

    Mr. HappyFunGuyMr. HappyFunGuyTháng trước
  • I think you gotta shot to take over John Gillespie's 9am time slot on Saturday Mornings, eh!

    P H Sports Memorabilia CollectingP H Sports Memorabilia CollectingTháng trước
  • Every word and movement was perfect in this 😂

    OneAB TVOneAB TVTháng trước
  • I'd watch this fishing show....

    Carl MichaelCarl MichaelTháng trước
  • Seeking therapy now that I found out my dad didn't love me enough... stupid fishing knots... Cheers! Great video boys!

    The HansonGoonsThe HansonGoonsTháng trước
  • Y’all are hilarious I subscribed right when I saw y’all I love your content keep it up

    Dirttracking31 GamingDirttracking31 GamingTháng trước
  • This reminds me of a brian Regan bit talking about writers for fishing shows. It's a beauty fish lol

    cedrictheMcedrictheMTháng trước
  • No imma sit down

    Hunter VargasHunter VargasTháng trước
  • "If you don't know how to tie a fishin knot and your over the age of 13 your dad didn't love you enough" truth! 😂

    Jonathan WaddellJonathan WaddellTháng trước
  • This is the real Wisconsin!

    Jeff StixJeff StixTháng trước
  • I grew up on Bill Dance. When his bloopers came out I had the best laughs and I felt okay with getting skunked. With your guys witt, humor I would love to see this as a series. Best line..if you don't know how to tie a knot and your over 13 your dad didn't love you. My grandpa use to say if your a man and can't tie a fishing knot you should pee sitting down. Lol

    Greg CalzadaGreg CalzadaTháng trước
  • Hahahah this is so accurate

    TylersReelFishingTylersReelFishingTháng trước
    • This dude looks like he could be Andrew Flairs older brother!

      The Outdoor DudeThe Outdoor Dude15 ngày trước
    • Haha hi Tyler love your channel!

      StaticTuna34799StaticTuna3479926 ngày trước
    • Wym??

      Connor KoniecznyConnor KoniecznyTháng trước
  • Trailer park boys vibes

    Andrew DoboszAndrew DoboszTháng trước
  • Better be more episodes🤣

    Dylan DickeyDylan DickeyTháng trước
  • You mean The absolute goddamn best fishing show.........ever.

    Kyzor-SosayKyzor-SosayTháng trước
  • Buck’s fishing outfit is admirable

    BabetravellingBabetravellingTháng trước
  • Buck is a mood

    Logan GraberLogan GraberTháng trước
  • Smallest Pike I have literally ever seen!! ND pumps out the big fish!!!

    CrytpoLane34CrytpoLane34Tháng trước
  • I caught a 14LB bass today with a

    Kenneth MKenneth MTháng trước
  • And thats 3:28 I will never get back thanks guys 24 years sober and this is what makes me an alcoholic all over again. Wanna talk childhood trauma I walked in on my mother and my... never mind this video sucks yeah you betcha!

    Vincent LanhamVincent LanhamTháng trước
  • That was fantastic!

    DadBod DamienDadBod DamienTháng trước
  • And remember folks Fu*k green stinking bay and GO BEARS 🐻!!!!

    Adam MaderakAdam MaderakTháng trước
  • “That’s sea weed dumbass! Lol classic, as they’re fishing on the lake. If you didn’t catch that.

    Nolan PahmahmieNolan PahmahmieTháng trước
  • Great editing ... 👍🏻

    Mike BoucardMike BoucardTháng trước
  • "I am Buck, and I like to f..."

    Par KlaPar KlaTháng trước
  • Do a video on baseball caps 🧢!

    Micah HubbardMicah HubbardTháng trước
  • I was laughing my face off lololololol

    Cade RCade RTháng trước
  • SE Wisconsin 👋 we gotta fish/film together. Musky Battle 2021 🎣👍

    justkeepcastingjustkeepcastingTháng trước
  • CORRECTION: BEST FISHING SHOW EVER - A network station really needs to pick these guys up.

    Rocco BiermanRocco BiermanTháng trước
  • gotta be on the list for smallest pike ive ever seen

    Colinator4321Colinator4321Tháng trước
  • New Zealand's version is Screaming Reels. Extremely funny. viworld.info/rock/video/2X53mn-WznWpuJs.html

    Geoff MunnGeoff MunnTháng trước
  • 'If you cant tie a fishing not and your over 13 your dad didnt love you enough' dang that hit hahaha

    Rik StamRik StamTháng trước
  • Looks like hes holding a water bottle of piss😂

    john russojohn russoTháng trước
  • There’s a little Mark Zona in Myles! (Only in appearance and some demeanor though, this Buck guy is not bringing what needs to be brung to any fishing show even if it is very possibly the worst fishing show). Plus Zona would never be seen without a rod in the water before the cameras even start rolling. And would’ve never forgone the live bait. I don’t know, maybe he needs to be brought on as a consultant.

    The Albanian LorgThe Albanian LorgTháng trước
  • This is gold!

    E GE GTháng trước
  • A cowboy hat on a fishing show? At least he’s wearing a (youbetcha merch) fishing shirt.

    The Albanian LorgThe Albanian LorgTháng trước
  • Mepps gave them $150 as a sponsor. Buck could put a little more oomph into it.

    The Albanian LorgThe Albanian LorgTháng trước
  • Omg - what a classy shirt Buck’s wearing! It has a collar and looks very sturdy yet breathable. And what a flattering color. It’s like it’s the perfect shirt! Oh, that’s because it’s available at YouBetcha merch! 😁

    The Albanian LorgThe Albanian LorgTháng trước
    • KadenPlaysVideoGames : heretic! 😁

      The Albanian LorgThe Albanian LorgTháng trước
    • Or Colombia PFG or PHG

      KadenPlaysVideoGamesKadenPlaysVideoGamesTháng trước
  • Mepps in Antigo..... what are dey payin for squirrel tails deez days?

    Chad RuengerChad RuengerTháng trước
  • I could watch this for hours if it was a show

    Chase HarrisChase HarrisTháng trước
  • Mepps in Antigo is the real deal. Hand made in America!!!

    Russ LaneRuss LaneTháng trước
  • Guy here in bama does a "worst fishing show ever" on fb... all he does is ride around and try out different BBQ joints 😂

    Jarod UptonJarod UptonTháng trước
  • Writing is getting weak, you went from the fleet farm and target episode which were hilarious to this? Do better.

    Tom STom STháng trước
  • Love it! Keep these coming!

    Eric MulcaheyEric MulcaheyTháng trước
  • Buck has a Zebco hahaha

    Jay BarnettJay BarnettTháng trước
  • Tbh more entertaining and more fish caught in this 3 min video than 90% of the actual fishing channels out there 🤷‍♂️

    • Facts!

      The Outdoor DudeThe Outdoor Dude15 ngày trước
  • i don’t know what y’all are thinking, that was the best fishing show i’ve ever watched!!

    Jack MorganJack MorganTháng trước
  • More of this ! 😂

    zachary torreszachary torresTháng trước
  • Where do theses guys live

    Joe JoeJoe JoeTháng trước
    • Charlie is Wisconsin. Myles is Fargo.

      Janelle WalkerJanelle WalkerTháng trước
  • Today was the day that "LOL" actually was a real account of my viewing experience there Chip.....& Buck.

    wayne haselwayne haselTháng trước
  • They the pros they helped me so much

    Noah LienNoah LienTháng trước
  • Excellent video, thanks for posting much appreciated. Love your awesome channel. A+

    HonestmickyHonestmickyTháng trước
  • This gives lunkerstv a run for his money.

    Van BrooksVan BrooksTháng trước
  • True they right

    Ethan Donald '20Ethan Donald '20Tháng trước
  • Grass Bass!

    wjb111wjb111Tháng trước
  • I like your play dates with the minute man.

    Another HighAnother HighTháng trước
  • LMAO! Great job. That is the smallest pike ive ever seen.

    Poopy PantsPoopy PantsTháng trước
  • STOP WEARING MY FAVORITE SHIRT ITS ; AWESOME; BUT AFFECTING MY MARRIAGE The material is amazing. It's like being free without the cops showing up!

    Josh S.Josh S.Tháng trước
  • Did anyone else watch Bill Dance fishing show growing up? 😂😂

    Leigha LawrenceLeigha LawrenceTháng trước
  • 3:28 worth of everything that’s wrong with me fishing

    Duncan D McGrathDuncan D McGrathTháng trước
  • I'm gonna be honest with you, this might be the worst fishing show ever

    PraxisPraxisTháng trước
  • Do it again.

    Dual ADVDual ADVTháng trước
  • Now that's what #lyubakavideo needs to crack the algorithm ☕🐸

    lyubo antonovlyubo antonovTháng trước
  • Buschhhhhhhhhhhh!

    fish destroyer fish destroyerfish destroyer fish destroyerTháng trước
  • And the fish says"Bushhhhhhhhh"...you betcha

    fish destroyer fish destroyerfish destroyer fish destroyerTháng trước
  • He did it.. he mentioned Antigo. My life is complete.

    Alexander DavisAlexander DavisTháng trước
  • “That’s seaweed, dumbass”

    Ryan SRyan STháng trước
  • 1 minute in and I know I would watch this show

    SharikSobakaSharikSobakaTháng trước
  • Pretty standard fishing show to me

    Robert DrakeRobert DrakeTháng trước
  • More

    Dewitt AllDewitt AllTháng trước